Research collaborations

Vision Denmark has, with funding from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, invested eight million DKK in research collaborations. The aim is to develop and innovate Danish createch companies and enhance their international competitiveness.

The innovation funds enable researchers from the country’s knowledge institutions to collaborate with game, film, animation, and XR companies to explore new ideas, find solutions, and translate knowledge into business ventures – projects that benefit both the individual company and the industry as a whole.

Find a selection of projects Vision Denmark has initiated here:

The innovation funds for 2021-2024 are distributed, but we are always open for new project ideas Read more about terms and get in contact here.

Project overview

KREATEK: Mapping of Creative Technologies

Analysis of the creative technologies stemming from the Vision Denmark cluster. How they are utilized in the digital visual industry, and other professions and sectors.

VR technologies affect on the wellbeing of children and young adults.

Exploration of VR as a treatment method for young patients with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders (SSD).

AI for optimizing production processes within animation.

Can AI streamline a central part of the animation industry’s production processes and free up time from ‘bread-and-butter work’ for perfecting creative details?

Establishing sustainability standards for the Games Industry

The project will create a basis for future sustainability standards and a method for measuring the climate footprint in the games industry.

The Adaptation Engine

The goal is to develop a digital method for using game engines and other game technologies to adapt existing narratives to transmedia IPs (e.g. games, film, TV series, VR).

The impact of XR headsets on people’s everyday lives

Technologies and hardware enabling Extended Reality have become increasingly cheaper, smaller, lighter in design and more widely used. This project examines what our future with XR will look like.

Feasibility of Cultural Content in the Metaverse

The project will develop a sustainable proof of concept for how virtual cultural assets can travel between hybrid use situations in the ‘Cultural Metaverse’.

Sustainable transition of the fashion industry through Extended Reality

Explores how creative technologies can contribute to the green transformation of the lifestyle industries.

Use of audience data in development and launch of film productions.

The project strengthens awareness of and tests the use of audience data and target groups in Danish filmmakers’ development process.

Virtual Production as a creative Pre-Vis tool

The project develops, documents and communicates good practice within creative previsualization of film, TV and animation using Virtual Production tools.


A world of digital grains of sand

Development of a tool for the digital visual industry, which enables the visualization of digital sand, gravel and other granular materials.

Mapping of sub-technologies for optimizing 3D production.

Exploration and development of new methods for real-time production with the sub technologies; Universal Scene Description and Realtime performance capture.

AI for auto-generation of the social and narrative dimension of a game universe

Development of a technology that simulates human behavior of Non-Player Characters in computer games and enables them to make free choices to achieve a specific goal.


The project explores how game developers and filmmakers can use narratives, scenery and other content generated by artificial intelligence.

Development of a tele-cobot with motion capture and VR techniques

The project explores how the combination of motion capture and VR can generate remote training of robots.