Innovation programs & networks

In collaboration with cluster partners and knowledge institutions, Vision Denmark continuously initiates programs and networks that develop and innovate Danish createch companies, enhancing their international competitiveness.


Find a selection of the programs and networks we have initiated here.

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Program: Virtual Production in Film and TV Production – AARHUS

Over a series of workshops, the Aarhus film and TV community is introduced to virtual production and the technologies related to this production method, which is expected to be the future of visual storytelling.

Innovation network for a greener games industry

In order to help the green transition in the games industry on its way, Vision Denmark has started an innovation network for Danish game developers who want to reduce their climate footprint. Here, the companies can identify where implementing joint initiatives will have the greatest effect.


Growing Games is a series of events aimed at enhancing the business mindset among emerging game companies by providing them with concrete tools for business development.

Creative Media Industry Forum 2023 – Metaverse and AI as strategy

An annual industry meeting for the film and animation sector deep-diving into present topics and challenges in the industry. At CMIF 2023 the main theme is the use and implementation of new technologies and the following need for thinking production and skill sets in a new way.

Program: virtual production in film and TV production – Copenhagen

Through a series of workshops, selected departments in the Danish film and TV industry are introduced to virtual production and learn to understand and leverage the technologies and production methods.