Innovation projects

Up until 2024, Vision Denmark invests four million Danish Kroner in projects that can help develop and innovate the digital visual industry.


The money is used for buying out researchers from the National knowledge institutions, so they can collaborate with game, film, animation and XR companies on exploring new ideas, finding solutions and turning knowledge into business. Projects that benefit both the individual company and the industry in general.


Find inspiration in the projects we have started since 2021.

Do you have an idea for an innovation project? Read the terms to get started here:

Novel VR technologies’ impact on children and youth’s wellbeing

The collaboration between HEKA VR and Aalborg University explores the impact of VR as a treatment of young patients with ”schizophrenia-spectrum disorders” (SSD). The method makes it possible to recreate auditive and visual simulation of a person’s hallucinations through an avatar in VR.

AI for optimizing production processes within animation

Marionette XR and DTU has teamed up with and Hydralab to explore the potential of using AI for optimizing a central part of the animation production process and save time from ground work, which can go into perfection of creative details.

Establishing sustainability standards for the games industry

Aalborg University and 10 game companies are collaborating on finding a foundation for future sustainability standards in the games industry The work is based on partial results from the report “Analysis of the climate footprint in the gaming industry” (2022).

Innovation network for a greener games industry

In order to help the green transition in the games industry on its way, Vision Denmark has started an innovation network for Danish game developers who want to reduce their climate footprint. Here, the companies can identify where implementing joint initiatives will have the greatest effect.

The Adaptation Engine – the use of worldbuilding for adaptation of existing narratives

The project explores the use of game engines and other game technologies to adapt existing narratives to transmedia IPs (e.g. games, films, TV series, VR). The goal is to develop a digital method and test it at a game company, an animation film company, a book publisher and a theatre.

A life without friction? The impact of XR headsets on people’s everyday lives

Technologies and hardware enabling Extended Reality have become increasingly cheaper, smaller, lighter in design and more widely used. This project examines what our future with XR will look like. How XR can change what we see and help us behave in the world.

Creative Media Industry Forum 2023 – Metaverse and AI as strategy

An annual industry meeting for the film and animation sector deep-diving into present topics and challenges in the industry. Tor the CMIF 2023 the main theme is the use and implementation of new technologies and the following need for thinking production and skill sets in a new way.

Communication of digital 3D model via Augmented Reality

With a digital 3D model of a 300-year-old shipwreck as a focal point, the project will investigate the extent to which it is technically possible to create a ground-breaking augmented reality experience, where several guests simultaneously see and experience the same virtual 3D model.

A world of digital grains of sand

The gaming company Playdead will, in collaboration with DTU, develop a tool for the Danish digital visual industry, which enables visualization of digital sand, gravel and other granular materials.

Sustainable Digital Transformation of the Lifestyle Industry through XR and Digital Storytelling.

Focusing on how creative technology and storytelling can contribute to sustainability and green transformation across digital visual and lifestyle industries.

Mapping of sub-technologies for optimization of 3D production within animation and games

Exploration and development of new methods for real-time productions with the sub-technologies; Universal Scene Description and Realtime performance capture.

Virtual Production as a creative Pre-Vis tool

The project develops, documents and communicates good practices within creative pre-visualization of films, television and animation using Virtual Production tools.

AI for auto-generation of the social and narrative dimension of a game universe

The technology simulates human behavior of Non-Player Characters and enables characters in computer games to make free and emotion-driven choices to achieve a specific goal.

ArtEngine – the interaction between human-made art and computer-generated content

With the ArtEngine project, the National Film School of Denmark explores how game developers and filmmakers can use narratives, scenography and other content generated by artificial intelligence.

Knowledge of the audience and the outside world in the development and launch of films

The project will strengthen the awareness of and inclusion of data about the audience and target groups in the development process of Danish filmmakers.

Creating a Tele Cobot with motion capture and VR techniques

The project explores how combining motion capture and VR techniques with robots can generate remote training of robots and hence generate use for a new industry.