Innovation projects

We bring the industry’s creative companies together with specialized researchers and other relevant business areas with the purpose of developing and testing new production methods and technologies for the benefit of the individual company and the wider community.

A world of digital grains of sand

The gaming company Playdead will, in collaboration with DTU, develop a tool for the Danish digital visual industry, which enables visualization of digital sand, gravel and other granular materials.

Sustainable Digital Transformation of the Lifestyle Industry through XR and Digital Storytelling.

Focusing on how creative technology and storytelling can contribute to sustainability and green transformation across digital visual and lifestyle industries.

Mapping of sub-technologies for optimization of 3D production within animation and games

Exploration and development of new methods for real-time productions with the sub-technologies; Universal Scene Description and Realtime performance capture.

Virtual Production as a creative Pre-Vis tool

The project develops, documents and communicates good practices within creative pre-visualization of films, television and animation using Virtual Production tools.

Knowledge of the audience and the outside world in the development and launch of films

The project will strengthen the awareness of and inclusion of data about the audience and target groups in the development process of Danish filmmakers.

Animation film to convey cyber and security threats

The project examines how an animated film can promote understanding and awareness of cyber and security threats.