Facts and Figures about the Digital Visual Industry

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The socio-economic significance of DVI

This publication studies the digital visual industry’s socio-economic significance for Denmark. The study shows high employment growth and increasing international sales.


Analysis of the capacity of the Digital Visual Industry

Oxford Research and Højbjerre Brauer Schultz have examined for Vision Denmark whether sufficient skilled labour is on offer today, and will be in the coming years, or whether labour capacity problems can be expected in the Digital Visual Industry of the future.


Danish content producers in numbers 2018

Since 2009, the Producers’ Association has compiled data across the Danish film, game, advertising and television industry for the report ‘Danish Content Producers in Numbers’ – a period when the industry has more than ever been challenged by changing consumption habits and digital development.

Strategy for Denmark’s Digital Visual Industry

The strategy paper that underlies Vision Denmark’s work. It lays out its vision and objectives, and methods to achieve them. With strategic efforts and activities, Vision Denmark will create a new golden age in the development and export of Danish-produced content – both as entertainment and as part of other industries’ digital transformation and business.

Production incentives for the Digital Visual Industry

Danmark will soon be the only country in the EU that has neither introduced nor taken a political decision to introduce an incentive scheme aimed at digital visual content producers. Denmark is in a difficult competitive situation and the consequences are clear. A large number of productions are lost to countries with incentives in place.

Interactive Denmark in numbers – 2015

The interactive Denmark is growing. Companies that develop interactive content are front runners in digital and technological development, and the Danish content producers are on both the content side, technology, and also business.



Production incentives, Fact sheet

One-pager about Danish production incentives and Vision Denmarks recomendations.

Effects of the Copenhagen Film Fund’s investments 2013-2017