Vision Denmark and partners receive grants for the cluster for the digital visual industry

Vision Denmark is supported by the EU, the Danish Board of Business Development and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.


Behind the project are Vision Denmark and Vision Denmark’s partners; Filmby Aarhus, VIA University College / The Animation Workshop, The Producers’ Union and FilmFyn.


Vision Denmark brings together the national cluster consisting of companies within games, films, television, animation and XR. As a business cluster, we work to ensure that the members of the cluster get the best conditions for running a business and for creating new products and innovation collaborations.


The cluster offers knowledge and networking through a wide range of activities, which take place primarily in Viborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen. Examples of activities include networks such as Growing Games, SpilBar, Creative Thirstdays, Producer Networks and other meetings, knowledge dissemination activities during the festival THIS, Creative Media Industry Forum, Ani:DOX and Digital Kids Today, as well as matchmaking activities both internally within the industry and externally to other professions, such as Visualizing Architecture and Sci-Vi Conference.


Vision Denmark and partners are continuously expanding the cluster collaboration – not only to the cluster’s companies, but also to knowledge institutions and other partners, so that an ecosystem within the digital visual industry is created, which creates new insights, new business opportunities and new stories, experiences and products, which can realize the Danish and global market potential.


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