The following activities actively arrange or support Vision Denmark

Viborg Animation Festival

During the festival, we invite you to, among other things, Visualizing Architecture and SciVi conference, which builds a bridge between related industries and the research world

Collaboration with the business houses

Vision Denmark has initiated a collaboration with the regional business houses to increase their knowledge of the needs of our industry and identify the offers that are most relevant to our industries. The first relevant offer is the program SMV: Digital.

Digital Kids Today

Digital Kids Today is a one-day conference aimed at professional actors who develop and engage in digital content, experiences and products for children …


PICTURE THIS_ is a conference dedicated to exploring the intersection of storytelling, new technology and visions for future film production …

Sustainable film and TV

Alliance initiated by Vision Denmark, which will contribute to a transformation of the industry to more sustainable film production. We collect and share knowledge from home and abroad and work politically …


CopenX Realities provides cutting-edge insights into the latest developments in the XR industry…

GamesBar (SpilBar)

An informal meeting place where people from the gaming environment can meet people outside their own company or institution and build networks.

Growing Games

Growing Games must strengthen the business thinking among gaming companies by giving them concrete tools for business development, the opportunity for individual advice and strengthen the network internally in the industry.

this. festival

Over the course of three days, the audience will be presented with the digital storytelling of the future across the media, games, communications, as well as the film and television industry.


A recurring series of monthly masterclasses, seminars and workshops that zoom in on specific tendencies, trends and changes that affect the way we tell stories