Following activities Vision Denmark either hosts or supports actively

Year planner

Are you planning a new event, or just curious about what’s happening in the digital visual industry throughout the year? Then use Vision Denmark’s plandisc that collects all relevant events in Denmark and internationally.

Missing an event? – contact one from the secretary.

Picture this_

PICTURE THIS_ is a one-day event dedicated to exploring the intersection of storytelling, technology and visions for the future of filmmaking

Sustainable film and TV

An alliance which aims to help the film and TV industry make a transition to more sustainable production. We gather and share knowledge and experience from home and abroad


CopenX Realities provides cutting-edge insights into the latest developments in the XR industry…

Growing Games

Vision Denmark and Filmby Aarhus offer an intensive 1-day pitching- and messaging master workshop for CEOs and executives, looking to get their communication about their company and projects to the next level.

this. festival

During three fully packed days this. festival presents to the audience the future of digital storytelling across the media-, game-, communication-, as well as film and TV industry.


Vision Denmark brings the digital visual industry on the agenda each year at Folkemødet – the people’s democratic festival.

Digital Kids Today

Digital Kids Today is a full day conference for professionals that is engaged with digital content, experiences and products for kids…