this. festival

I løbet af tre dage bliver publikum præsenteret for fremtidens digitale historiefortælling på tværs af medie-, spil-, kommunikations-, samt film- og tv-branchen.

Over the course of three days, this. festival digs deep into the Future of Digital Storytelling and Audience Engagement. this. focuses on the future of storytelling in a digital age within areas such as media, branding, gaming, series, film, TV, and innovative business. this. unites creative professionals from different industries to discuss the challenges of tomorrow and how to raise the bar for digital visual content.


this.conference is for creatives who work professionally with storytelling and digital narrative formats as well as talents who want to obtain skills that will enable them to solve the challenges of tomorrow.


this.series is an industry event for those who professionally engage in serial fiction and an audience event for people who just love series. is for industry professionals as well as hobby gamers who want to further explore the possibilities in games and their storytelling universes.


Next event runs 29.-31. of October 2020 in Filmby Aarhus and theatre Øst for Paradis.