Games, film, television, animation and XR are business areas on which Denmark will build its future.

At Vision Denmark, we want to strengthen a digital visual industry that is already world-class and utilize that momentum to reach a global leadership position. Together with companies, researchers, public authorities and organizations, we will make the industry grow, innovate and remain competitive through four key focus areas.


The four C’s: Creative Innovation , Competences , Climate and Capital are areas where the industry’s most pressing problems are concentrated – and where there is potential to develop and bring the industry to the forefront of the international market.


The four C’s set the course for Vision Denmark’s ambitions, projects, events and networks over the next three years.


Competences – or skillset – are a cornerstone of all the creative content that reaps recognition and revenue for our country. We make sure there is sufficient labor available.


Read about our projects and events within Competences here.



Vision Denmark works to reduce the environmental and climate impact of the digital visual industry. It requires greater knowledge of the industry’s imprint as well as an overview and information on sustainable initiatives, from waste sorting to national strategies and certifications.


Here you can read about our Climate projects and events.


Vision Denmark is the innovation space both for you who develop digital creative products and technologies and for you who need to use these products to achieve new business goals.


Here you can read about our Innovation initiatives and events.


Vision Denmark works to ensure optimal financing opportunities for the cluster’s companies.


Here you can read about our Capital projects and events.