VISION DENMARK is a nationwide innovation and business cluster. Our aim is to boost the visual storytelling and entertainment industry by bringing together Danish producers and suppliers of creative technology, research and knowledge institutions and other parts of the business community.

Vision Denmark provides the framework for an industry cluster of companies, colleges and organizations that either develop, research or acquire creative technology in the form of games, movies, television, animation and XR. Our defining role is to create more constructive circuits between these parties. The goal is to bring Denmark at the very forefront of the international creative technology market in 2025.


Through our involvement in games, movies, TV, animation and XR industries, we strengthen networks, framework conditions, talent resources and innovation.


We are a facilitator – not an industry organization. With funding from the Danish Business Promotion Board and members’ subscriptions, our role is to drive development towards stronger visual storytelling and more interactive entertainment.


The aim is to make Denmark a powerhouse for creative technology.

Our activities are divided into five main areas:


  • Business development (capital)
  • Talent development (skillsets)
  • Knowledge creation (innovation)
  • Cross-industry network
  • Working for the best framework conditions

Long-term objectives

Vision Denmark is undergoing a consolidation phase in 2019 and 2020. After that, our target over a five-year period to the end of 2025 is to work to further the following objectives in the digital visual industry:

  • To ensure growth in industry turnover, exports and number of employees, including securing 10,000 jobs directly in the industry, of which 2,500 will be new jobs, and almost doubling revenue from today 5.7 billion DKK to DKK 10 billion.
  • To ensure sustainable capacity, including the development of a minimum of 3,000 talents.
  • To establish Denmark as a test country for new stories and technologies, including, for example, ensuring that the first real-time animated feature film/TV series for a worldwide audience is developed and produced in Denmark.