CADA Truemax internship matchmaking

We’re excited to invite you to our annual matchmaking session between upcoming interns from CADA Truemax and the Danish games- and digital video industry.

Interns from CADA Truemax offers several advantages for companies to consider:
– The interns are at the absolute end of their education, meaning they have an almost finished education and skillset
– Internships from Truemax Copenhagen Academy are unpaid as they receive SU grants.

The event
The event will consist of a showing of student showreels and presentation (50 min. total.) followed by 5 short 10 min. meetings between students and company representatives. The students will be able to request meeting slots in advance, and the company will then be able to request meetings after seeing the presentation & showreels. In addition, contact data will be shared so additional meetings can be set up afterwards if needed.

The internships in question will be for the Fall of 2022.

The matchmaking is hosted by CADA Truemax and Vision Denmark and takes place:
June 9th 14:00 – 16:00 at Screen Copenhagen, Flæsketorvet 60, 3. Sal, Kødbyen, 1711 København V. 

About taking in interns:
The internship last from 12 to 21 weeks and can be placed in one or more national or international businesses. The intern is not paid for the internship but will receive SU during the period. The intern must perform tasks related to their profession during the internship and as such the intern is an integrated part of the workplace. The intern is expected to take part in the work as a regular employee but will need regular mentoring due to the lack of professional experience. The company should assign a contact person, who is responsible for the intern as well as the dialogue with CADA Truemax, if needed. This can be any person in the company.

Internships are an essential part of the study program at CADA Truemax, giving the student an opportunity to apply and grow their knowledge and skills in a professional environment. It is also a good opportunity for the industry to meet and influence the next generation of artists. It is most common for students to take their internship in a game, animation or VFX studio, but are not limited to these choices. Other options could include commercial agencies, visualization studios and tech companies. It is important however that the intern tasks are within the field of CGI. It is possible for a company to take an intern without having a mentor in the same field (e.g. a small game studio), but the challenges, as well as opportunities, must be clear to the intern.

Feel free to ask any question regarding taking an intern by contacting CADA Truemax:


About CADA Truemax:
CADA Truemax is an international educational institution specialized in educating artists for the games, animation and VFX industry. CADA Truemax’ flagship is the 3D Digital Artist education, a three and a half-year programme, which is approved for the Student Grant (SU) by the Danish Ministry of Education. CADA Truemax is proud to have been a solid provider of new talent for the industry since 1998 while expanding our educational network to include close cooperation with The National Film School of Denmark, DADIU, University of Abertay, The Norwegian Film School as wells as several other schools and professionals. CADA Truemax offers the best instructors and teachers, specialists and creative gurus, who are – and must be – at the forefront of the development. Guest lecturers and instructors include some of the world’s best 3D artists and experts from international production-companies such as Pixar, DreamWorks, ILM, EA and Walt Disney Company.


jun 09 2022


14:00 - 16:00

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Screen Base Copenhagen
Flæsketorvet 38B, 1711 KBH V
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