SpilBar 56: Save Game?

Digital games are intricately connected to the platform or hardware they are designed for. Without hardware, no game. This poses a unique challenge for conservators and researchers when they preserve games and their digital cultural heritage for future generations.
In this special edition of SpilBar, we focus on the global state of digital game preservation while also taking a look at the curation of new exhibition #DKGame showcasing Danish digital games from the past six decades.
The venue for this event is The Royal Danish Library / The Black Diamond, and included in this SpilBar session is free access to the #DKGame-exhibition on the day.
All this is sponsored by Ghostship Games, and drinks are on SYBO. Thanks a bunch!

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About Andreas Lange
Andreas Lange studied Comparative Religions and Dramatics (M.A.) at Freie Universität Berlin. He is secretary of EFGAMP e.V. (European Federation of Game Archives Museums and Preservation Projects). He also co-initiated the ongoing campaign ‘Demoscene – Art of Coding’, an initiative to enlist the demoscene as first digital culture as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage (which meanwhile succeeded in Finland 2020, Germany 2021, Poland 2021, Netherlands 2022). Before he was founding director of the Computer Games Museum in Berlin and its curator until August 2018.

About Allan Christophersen
Allan Christophersen is a librarian by education, as well as a curator of the #DKgame exhibition and has for almost five years worked with the preservation and research of Danish video game history for The Royal Danish Library. Allan is also co-designer of The Danish Film Institute’s new game database, as well as a member of the Spilprisen executive jury, member of the Danish Data-Historical Society and a member of the Software Preservation Network’s metadata workgroup.

About Christina Back
Christina Back is Head of Exhibition at the Royal Danish Library. She is educated as designer/architect from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and has been working with narrative spaces within exhibition and large-scale installations for more than 20 years.

About #DKgame
With #DKgame – Screen trolls, assassins and train surfers The Royal Danish Library zooms in on the history and importance of computer games to our lives. Based on the library’s collection of more than 4,000 Danish-produced computer games from the 60s to today, the exhibition will pay tribute to the internationally recognised and often experimental, playful and narrative games of the Danish game industry.

As always, attendance is free and registration is not required. 

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Hourly Schedule


Free access to visit the #DKgame-exhibition in the basement.
Doors open to Dronningesalen, the venue for the SpilBar Talks.
Welcome by the SpilBar organizers in Dronningesalen.
When time goes by… // Andreas Lange, secretary of EFGAMP
EFGAMP: European Federation of Game Archives Museums and Preservation Projects. Some things fade away while others emerge. With regard to computer games, the concern about their disappearance is an opportunity to make their cultural identity more visible. Thus, we are currently witnessing a re-evaluation of digital games against the background of their cultural value, which is just now being discovered from various new perspectives. Andreas Lange gives an overview of the current developments and describes the chances and challenges to continue on the chosen path in the future.
Short break.
Access to the Danish video game history // Allan Christophersen, curator of the #DKgame exhibition.
Allan Christophersen, curator of the #DKgame exhibition. A new report from The Video Game History Foundation shows that 87% of all US games are endangered, but how is the situation in Denmark? What are the consequences for providing access and mediating about the games in The Royal Danish Library's collection, and giving the general public access to old games generally?
Creating a video game exhibition // Christina Back, Head of Exhibition at the Royal Danish Library.
An introduction to the process of creating a video game exhibition for the Royal Danish Library. The aim for the #DKgame exhibition was to tell the story of the Danish video games – from the many acclaimed, experimental and playful games created by the Danish gaming industry to the Danish video game ecosystem and all the people who just loves to play games. But how do you create a spatial presentation of all these many elements? And how is it possible to present the story of the Danish computer games in a way that makes sense to all the guests who already love video games as well as the wider audience group of the Royal Danish Library?
Open mike for short announcements, info and news from the Danish game industry.
Contact Thomas Vigild (vigild at if you want the stage.
Mingling, visits to the exhibition and enjoy a few drinks - sponsored by SYBO ❤
SpilBar closes. See you next time.


sep 27 2023


15:00 - 20:00


Den Sorte Diamant
Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1221 København K
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