Meet n’ Greet – the future of real-time production and internship matchmaking

Get ready for the 4th annual CADA Meet n’ Greet event connecting Danish game, animation and VFX companies with upcoming interns, as well as providing an opportunity to catch up on experiences and trends related to the topic of new and emerging technologies within our field.

This year’s matchmaking event also features an exclusive talk from Michael Easton, Senior Animator and CG Generalist at Nvidia, who has spent 30 years in the Film and TV industry. Easton’s career range from supervising animator on the very first CG TV show, ReBoot in 1994, to working +22 years at Industrial Light and Magic. He will be speaking about the democratization of the digital film industry and how some of the recent disruptors in the entertainment world, from Stable Diffusion, Open AI, and other large language models (LLMs) relate to new real-time tools for creatives.

Furthermore, we are happy to present the research project ‘Vipros’ by Troels Linde, head of project at The Norwegian Film School, and Christian Ballund, managing director at CADA. Vipros is a collaboration between leading film, CGI and games educations, established to explore the virtual production concept and its ramifications for the filmmaking process.

After the talks the students will do their showreel presentations followed by a matchmaking session with short meetings between students and company representatives.

The students will be able to request meeting slots with company representatives in advance, and the individual company will be able to request meetings after seeing the presentations & showreels. CADA and Vision Denmark will coordinate the meetings and try to accommodate as many wishes as possible. In addition, contact info can be shared so additional meetings can be set up afterwards if needed. On the following page you can read more about how the internship works.

If you are attending, please sign up here:[event]=2466360819

The event is supported by the Danish Agency of Higher Education and Science, and your participation along with the time you spend contributes to the co-financing of the event.

If you have questions regarding CADA or internship, you’re welcome to contact David Sydenham from CADA on e-mail: For other questions, you’re welcome to contact Susanne Skovgaard from Vision Denmark on e-mail:

About the internship

The internships in question will be for the Fall of 2023.

Interns from CADA Truemax offer several advantages for companies to consider:
– The interns are at the absolute end of their education, meaning they have an almost finished education and accompanying skillset.
– Internships from CADA Truemax are unpaid as they receive SU grants
– If conditions necessitate it, CADA Truemax can supply each intern with a fully equipped graphical workstation to “work from home”.

About taking in interns:

As such, taking in interns from CADA Truemax is relatively uncomplicated. However, if it is your first time considering taking in an intern, or if you are interested in the specific requirements, feel free to ask any questions at the match making event or contact CADA Truemax for more information:

The internship last from 12 to 21 weeks and can be placed in one or more national or international businesses. The intern is not paid for the internship but will receive SU during the period. The intern must perform tasks related to their profession during the internship and as such the intern is an integrated part of the workplace. The intern is expected to take part in the work as a regular employee but will need regular mentoring due to the lack of professional experience. The company should assign a contact person, who is responsible for the intern as well as the dialogue with CADA Truemax, if needed. This can be any person in the company.

Internships are an essential part of the study program at CADA Truemax, giving the student an opportunity to apply and grow their knowledge and skills in a professional environment. It is also a good opportunity for the industry to meet and influence the next generation of artists. It is most common for students to take their internship in a game, animation or VFX studio, but are not limited to these choices. Other options could include commercial agencies, visualization studios and tech companies. It is important however that the intern tasks are within the field of CGI. It is possible for a company to take an intern without having a mentor in the same field (e.g. a small game studio), but the challenges, as well as opportunities, must be clear to the intern.


jun 07 2023


14:00 - 17:30

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Screen Base Copenhagen
Flæsketorvet 38B, 1711 KBH V
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