Virtual Production as a creative Pre-Vis tool

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The project develops, documents and communicates good practices within creative pre-visualization of films, television and animation using Virtual Production tools.


Started on January 1, 2022

Expected to be completed on July 1, 2022

The project connects the main creative functions within fiction films with specialists within visualization, CGI (computer-generated imagery) and real time 3D. This happens through a series of workshops that explore virtual production as a tool for the visual development of fictional material.

As part of the course, workshops are organized where selected scenes from an existing script are gradually developed visually and pre-visualized using Virtual Production technologies, such as VR /XR scouting, virtual set building, virtual cinematography and previs-reel. The individual workshops are designed according to the specific skills of the participants, for example editing and photography, while the director, producer, art director and visual development will participate throughout the process.

The project’s three main parties come with different skills, which together create synergy between the fields of fiction production, digital visual development, visual effects and knowledge production.


The project’s activities are expected to generate 2-3 fully visualized scenes from the script, documentation of the production processes and a white paper that describes good practices within Virtual Production previsualization. The latter will have a special focus on description of method, competence and implementation in production, which is made freely available to the public.

In the context of the specific previsualized scenes, it will function as a proof of concept that can strengthen the digital visual industry’s entry into the work with virtual production for previsualization.

Interested in more information about the project? contact:

Susanne Skovgaard, Vision Denmark

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