Innovation network for a greener games industry



In order to help the green transition in the games industry on its way, Vision Denmark has started an innovation network for Danish game developers who want to reduce their climate footprint. The network must identify areas where gains can be made through standardization and create new practical, innovative solutions and processes.


Start: February 2023

Danish gaming companies have high ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions. But the industry’s green transition is challenged by high data consumption in both production and by the consumer and constant technological development of consoles and other platforms for the sale and use of games. The constant changes make it difficult to measure the overall climate and environmental impact of the industry and companies.


Vision Denmark has started an innovation network for game developers, where they can jointly find standards for calculating the industry’s climate footprint and create new practical, innovative solutions, such as ideas for communication with users that promote the green transition. The collaboration also aims to bring key stakeholders to the table and thus keep the group up to date with international and European standards.


The long-term goal of the collaboration is that in the year 2025, all Danish game developers can draw up a fair climate account based on their own impact and on knowledge of the users’ climate impact when using the games.


The collaboration is particularly focused on the Danish game developers’ common problem that cloud services and platforms are today crucial for the distribution and sale of games. Unfortunately, there is insufficient transparency with these partners in relation to the CO2 impact of their services, which so far makes it difficult for Danish developers to calculate CO2 accounts from downloads and use of their products and solutions.

Participants in the network

IO Interactive
Ghostship Games
Slipgate Ironworks
Funday Games
MOOD Visuals
Nordisk Games
Tactile Games
Invisible Walls

Interested in more information about the project?

Jan Neiiendam, Vision Denmark