Vision Denmark is an industry cluster in development. We have defined our goal – to make Denmark a powerhouse for creative technology – but our route to achieving this is still being mapped out. As a business partner, your company or organization becomes a resource and “sparring partner”, helping to accelerate our industry, and achieve our common goals. Thus, our co-partners take an active part in developing Vision Denmark’s activities and events.   The terms of this cooperation are agreed individually with Vision Denmark’s executive, and the agreement is approved by the Board of Directors. Financially, as a co-partner, you pay a contribution towards one or more activities. The possibility exists to convert part of this latter contribution to working hours and other so-called in-kind contributions.

Here are a few examples of activities developed with our partners.


Nordisk Film Fonden


Filmby Aarhus

 Contact Chief Consultant Susanne Skovgaard at if you want to know more.